Personal Freedom


Chicken People. At the Farm.

August 1, 2010 was Personal Freedom Day. We spent the¬†weekend at a beautiful farm out in the Oregon coast range. We skipped through the Queen Anne’s Lace, dipped in the swimming hole, talked about all the things you can’t ever talk about in real life, and enjoyed a Pacific Northwest Summer getaway¬†with friends while also making some new acquaintances.

Yesterday, Personal Freedom was about hula hooping just ‘cuz, popping the cork at 10 a.m., and kissing Sunday morning awake before the roosters crowed. Today, tomorrow, the next day, “personal freedom” might mean something else. To you and to you, and to you, happy LIFE! Live big. Live free. Do good things for yourself and for others. We don’t need Gods, Goddesses, Mammas or Pappas to tell us — This little life is precious.

But now we must ask…..what does Personal Freedom mean to you?

Next on the blog roll, a weekend Treehouse getaway, nude running events, sensual art escapes, self-publishing Nirvana & more!

Keep on keeping on.


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  1. BadAssKona
    Aug 03, 2010 @ 01:20:08

    “Personal freedom” means having the courage to escape the box. “We can’t be put into little boxes,” Gina says. And, THAT is what is true, and should be true in all lives. Children are discouraged, at an early age, from asking, “why?” No one should EVER be discouraged from exploring the “why” or the “why not.” That doesn’t mean we all have boxes that we have to inhabit, from time to time. What makes this life truly precious, however, are those times when we step outside of the the boxes and allow ourselves to experience our animal selves. Paint your skin, laugh loudly, piss on a tree, run naked on a beach, feel the winter wind and snow, smell an “ugly fruit,” eat something raw, make love and have sex and scream…all that, and more, is who we are!


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