Twinkle Toes

Feet. Lovely, sensual, beautiful feet. I once had a friend who had beautiful, elegant, pale feet with long, delicious toes attached to delicate ankles and long, long legs. We went in a rowboat to the lily pads one afternoon, on a lake in the summertime. She lowered a foot into the brackish water and let it float. I nearly died from envy. For one thing, my short leg couldn’t dangle over the side of the boat. My thigh barely cleared the edge. For another, I had broad, gnome-like little mountain hiker feet.

It took a sweet lover to make me think otherwise. I love my feet now. They’ve carried me up mountains and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. They bring me happiness by tapping out a tune at the most irresponsible moments, like in the middle of an important meeting. They are, as much as my eyes, a window to my soul. I love my feet and I love all feet. Tootsies are sexy and fun, in all of their various forms.

A well-known Nashville photographer, Collin J. Rae, is bringing “Sensual Feet” to Gallery Sesso in P-Town tomorrow. I’ll be there with my 10 toes. Hope to see you there, too.


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